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20. - 24.Okt.2021


18:00 - 13:00


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The Eightfold Path – 5 day retreat with Stephen Batchelor (online + on-site)

The Eightfold Path – A secular reinterpretation for our present-day world
Stephen Batchelor

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5th Study Retreat Secular Buddhism 2021

Lindenfels near Frankfurt and Online
Oct 20 (20:00) – Oct 24 (13:00)

We will spend 5 days intensively studying the Eightfold Path through dhamma talks, meditations, discussions and question and answer sessions.
The Study Retreat will be held in English language.

What we will discuss

Stephen Batchelor offers a secular reinterpretation of the Eightfold Path that is appropriate and helpful for our contemporary world.
Stephen suggests a different order of the limbs of the Eightfold Path and offers a new interpretation of each limb:

Perspective (diṭṭhi)
The perspective that animates the Eightfold Path is the Middle Way – an integrated, balanced way of being in the world. We are no longer trapped in dichotomous categories of things are or are not, being or not-being, right or wrong, but adopt a perspective that is open to a wide range of responses to life.

Imagination (sankappa)
Our creativity is often impaired or inhibited by prevailing opinion, preferences, bias, taste, or habit. The point is to cultivate an ethically motivated imagination that allows us to consider new possibilities. This imagination brings together what we need to act as autonomous, ethical beings, to flourish in our imaginative, creative, artistic lives, to empathize with the suffering of others, to imagine the kind of society and world we want to live in and to preserve for future generations.

Application (vāyāma)
In order to create conditions that contribute to becoming the kind of person we want to be, to forming the kind of community and of society and world that we, others, and even future generations want to live in, we tackle the fourfold task – Embrace life. Let go of what arises. See its ceasing. Act!

Mindfulness (sati)
Stephen feels that mindfulness and concentration are not the end of the Eightfold Path, but rather the core, the heart of all its limbs, steps, processes. We need awareness, in which we are conscious of what is going on, of our bodies, our feelings, our states of mind, our ideas that inspire us, but also those in which we get caught.

Focus (samādhi)
Likewise with our focus, with what we dwell on, how we collect our attention and concentrate on what is really important for us in this life. We can consider mindfulness and focus to be the environment, the ambience, in which this application of these Four Tasks can unfold.

Voice (vācā)
We need imagination, creativity, courage and the inner strength to find our own convictions, to stand by them and to be able to give them a clear voice in our communication. This kind of voice tries to match the content of what we say with the way we say it.

Work (kammanta)
What we are called to do is our work, our creation, what we engage in that best fits our interests, values, and abilities. Meaningful work is essential for our individual well-being and also for gaining a sense of dignity and respect in society – human flourishing, feeling alive, living a meaningful life by engaging in a fulfilling task and seeing one’s efforts bear fruit.

Survival (ājīva)
Buddha made a distinction between work and livelihood – on the one hand, the work one feels called to do in life, on the other, the things we need to do to pay our bills, to survive in the society in which we live. The Buddha recognized that one cannot live a life dedicated to Dharma practice if one does not have enough food, clothing, and shelter. Nowadays we see that this is not enough. We see adequate security, education, justice, health care, rights, environmental protection as essential for survival and for a culture of awakening.


Live broadcast of the dhamma talks, guided meditations, discussions and question and answer sessions (a recording will be made available to participants after the retreat).


Registration for online-attendance

The registration form below (“VERANSTALTUNG BUCHEN”) is for Zoom-Regisitration only!
Fee: 60 €


This event is offered on a dāna basis – in the spirit of generosity. The course fee you pay covers only the running of this event, we ourselves are all volunteers.
The course fee does not include a fee for the teacher for his teaching!
Stephen relies on the generosity of participants for his livelihood. We encourage you to offer dāna.
You may donate Stephen’s dāna at the end of the retreat (we will send you instructions) to the Buddha-Stiftung (tax deductible donation receipt) and we will transfer the dāna to him.
We highly appreciate your support!

ON-SITE Registration

It is also possible to join the Study Retreat on site in Lindenfels, Germany. More information and booking options can be found here:
Because on-site booking on this site is in German only, we are glad to book for you. Please contact us at info@buddhastiftung.org




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Eightfold Path - S. Batchelor 2021

Online-Study-Retreat 20.-24.10.2021 with Stephen Batchelor

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